Working Together

You can expect a lively exchange, in which you are respected and encouraged to work with me to find a way of living which is effective for you. You would be likely to find different ways of thinking about yourself and your experiences. I will support you in working through times of your life which have been hurtful or damaging for you. My clients have found themselves living more positively and effectively without anxiety and stress.

Confidentiality is fundamental to a secure relationship, the basis of the work we do together. I usually make some notes in the first session and I may do later on. You are welcome to peruse these notes at any time. I do have supervision to protect my practice with you, but I would not use your name or personal details in this discussion. In the event of my being seriously ill my supervisor may be given access to your contact details in order that she can let you know and help you find other support. My Data Protection No is ZA040323.

It is worth saying that while all of us use on-line services and work hard to keep on-line work secure, no on-line platform is 100% secure and you also can do much to keep your own devices safe from people who are prying or curious.

As in all work confidentiality has to be re-assessed where a danger of serious physical harm. If children were involved, I would be legally obliged to seek their protection. I would do all I could to discuss the issue with you first. In the event of legal proceedings my notes can be subpoenaed. While I would support you in dealing with medical conditions, I would expect that you would seek qualified medical advice. If you give me a note of permission, I will be glad to be of help to you in accessing any external support.

I will make sure I am available for you at the time we arrange, so I would expect that unless you give me suitable notice, you would be due to pay for the session. I would expect to give you good notice if I am unable to make our meeting. If I break the arrangements we make, then I would offer you a free session. 
Please feel free to contact me in Bristol and talk over the decision to go to counselling.  I appreciate that many people wonder if counselling will help them, but I can assure you that my clients have told me that they found it worthwhile. Sometimes it was challenging, sometimes it was enjoyable, but it certainly led to the changes they wanted for themselves. Text or pick up the phone on 07948354827 or e-mail me at