Talk to me from anywhere in the world

World-wide, wherever you live, no matter how much you have to move around, you can have a very effective on-line counselling service with me. Although most of my work in counselling is in Bristol, I am trained and experienced in offering telephone, Skype and chat-line and e-mail service. Counselling this way means that even if you are short of time, having to look after children, disabled or prevented in any way from accessing on-line counselling I will be pleased to be able to talk with you.

My clients have experienced an unexpected intimacy and freedom in working this way. They have felt less anxious when they are talking. There are a number of people who find it easier not to have to look at someone when they are talking about the issues that hurt them the most. Even people who have experienced quite severe abuse can make very good progress, perhaps because the focus on the written word, helps to prevent their being overwhelmed by the memories they have. 

It is for you to consider the appropriate medium for yourself and to make changes in how we interact as the process goes forwards. The charge is the same for all the ways we can communicate.

Sessions cost £40.00 for an individual session and £60 for a couple. I will consider concessionary sessions for low paid or unwaged clients. What about trying half hours sessions for £20? It needs focus, but it can work well.

Contact me via my e-mail address: or phone on 00447948354827. My Skype address is jill.edwards272. I look forwards to talking to you. 
Please feel free to contact me in Bristol and talk over the decision to go to counselling.  I appreciate that many people wonder if counselling will help them, but I can assure you that my clients have told me that they found it worthwhile. Sometimes it was challenging, sometimes it was enjoyable, but it certainly led to the changes they wanted for themselves. Text or pick up the phone on 07948354827 or e-mail me at