Why talk to me?

I provide counselling for anxiety, couples counselling, relationship, anger and bereavement counselling. I am a specialist addictions counsellor for food, gambling drugs, alcohol and OCD. 

I coach students and professionals to prepare essays/reports and to do presentations and job interviews. 

You will have counselling in a friendly place where you feel understood and supported to find a way forwards that fits with what you want for yourself. 

You will always have a cup of tea, a warm welcome and feel at home in a room that feels part of a garden with light, air, plants and crystals.

As a BACP Accredited counsellor, I offer a safe, confidential, ethical and effective practice. 
I talk to anyone anywhere in the world using electronic contact via Skype, telephone, e-mail or Skype instant messaging facility smiley. I am trained in on-line counselling and have found it surprisingly effective.

Home visits and concessionary work can be arranged where this is necessary.

To be happier

I invite you to work collaboratively with me to achieve a happier life style, with positive direction and a sense of satisfaction with life.

To  make sense of things

We will use our conversation to give you the chance to express yourself, through feeling and sensitive exploration of your life experiences and to make sense of your self and gain the capacity to live comfortably with yourself. 

To sort out relationships

I work with individuals and couples in relationship. It is in relationships that we see who we are and this is where much of our happiness and unhappiness is found. Many of our significant choices are connected to the way other people affect our lives. I work hard to support individuals as they rebuild their relationship and make this an opportunity for personal growth.

Thinking and feeling

As we set about working together you will no doubt identify aspects of thinking and behaviour that you may want to change and we can then develop a plan for what to do to implement these changes over a period of time.

Fears, Obsessions and Addictions

Some people are caught up in fears they dont understand or obsessions to food, gambling or alcohol and drugs. The life they want is displaced and their thinking is disrupted by the new priorities. They suffer from the consequences they cannot control. These situations can turned around and I invite you to work with me to find out what went wrong and re-establish your sense of life and the directions you want to take. 

You may like to look at the www.therecoverclinic.co.uk if you are concerned with issues around food. They support the work I do with food issues.

Body and Mind

The healing process works to enhance your sense of physical presence, working with the way any emotional pain, anxiety or depression has been felt in the body, the way your body expresses itself as a result of trauma or illness.

Goals and Aspirations

We will find time to clarify, what your directions, values and passions are so that your plans for the future see you getting to the place you want to go to.

Call me to arrange counselling that suits you and your life-style. Use face-to-face, e-mail, Skype and Skype instant messaging. If you feel unsure then we can meet briefly for a coffee so you can re-assure yourself that you can get on with the person you are considering counselling with. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail to give me an idea of what you may have liked or not liked about this web-site. 


Fees are £40.00 per session. I offer:
Face to face counselling
Telephone counselling
Skype counselling
Skype instant messaging. 
Couples counselling is £40.00 per session.

Cash and Cards accepted. If you have any difficulty in meeting my prices, then call me. I have always been able to make reasonable arrangements.

My contact details are:

I would like to let you know that I will be away between 18th October and 1st November and I will look forwards to speaking with you when I return.

Mobile: 07948354827
E-mail: talkthatsings2U@gmail.com

If I am not there when you call, I will give you a prompt reply, and if necessary arrange an urgent appointment.
Please feel free to call and talk over the decision to go to counselling. I appreciate that many people wonder if counselling will help them, but I can assure you that my clients have told me that they found it worthwhile. Sometimes it was challenging, sometimes it was enjoyable, but it certainly led to the changes they wanted for themselves. Text or pick up the phone on 07948354827 or e-mail me at Talkthatsings2U@gmail.com